The team

Matthew yates2

Matthew yates - Postdoctoral fellow

Harnessing eDNA to reveal relative fisheries productivity of alternative fisheries harvesting strategies

I obtained my honours BSc from Dalhousie University (supervisor Jeff Hutchings) where I studied the effects of interbreeding with domestic conspecifics on alternative reproductive phenotypes in Atlantic Salmon.

My PhD research at Concordia University (supervisor Dr. Dylan Fraser) involved field experimentation and meta-analysis to test how brook trout populations respond to novel environments. This research led to my interest in developing genetic tools to indirectly estimate/monitor abundance in natural populations. For my postdoctoral research at UQAM (supervisors Alison Derry and Dylan Fraser), I will examine if environmental DNA (eDNA) can be used to effectively monitor brook trout populations subject to harvesting pressures. This research will allow us to test, in nature, how environmental DNA concentrations change as populations are depleted from human harvesting activities and if they are reliable indicators of abundance declines.

Co-supervised with Dylan Fraser (Concordia)