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Cristina charette - phd candidate

Effects of gradients in exotic invasion and terrestrial DOC on aquatic food web quality, and the body condition and Hg bioaccumulation of sportfish in the St Lawrence River

I began my post-secondary education at the Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR), where I completed a B.Sc. in Marine Biology. I earned a MSc in Aquatic Ecology from UQAM in 2015. My past research focused on the effects of climate on intraspecific variation in zooplankton effect traits through pond food webs.

I joined the River Institute in 2015 where I have delivered hundreds of environmental education programs and taught thousands of students.

Since 2018, I am a PhD student at UQAM in Dr. Derry’s lab where I am conducting a research project in partnership with the River Institute. My current research is assessing the impacts of invasive species and dissolved organic carbon on food web dynamics and quality, and on mercury bioaccumulation and body of condition of sport fish in the St. Lawrence River.

This project is funded through MITACS and FRQNT scholarships.
Co-supervised by Brian Hickey (River institute)