The team

Daphne Trepannier Leroux2

Daphné Trépanier-leroux - MSc candidate

Macroinvertebrate community response to size-selective trout harvesting in mountain lakes, as evaluated by traditional and emerging eDNA metabarcoding monitoring techniques

Daphné holds a BSc in ecology from the department of biological sciences at the Université de Montréal. During her BSc program, she completed several research internships in the laboratories of Prof. Bernard Angers et Prof. Sophie Breton in molecular ecology. She is interested in biodiversity and conservation, and has a particular soft spot for aquatic invertebrates.

Her MSc in the Derry lab at UQAM will employ traditional community analyses and eDNA to discover the impacts of exotic trout removal on macroinvertebrate community recovery in mountain lakes in the Rockies.

Co-supervised by Melania Cristescu (McGill)