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Mathilde Salamon2

Mathilde salamon - PhD candidate

Adaptive responses of a Nordic copepod to anthropogenic disturbance of Canadian lakes

I obtained my BSc in Biological Sciences from the University Paris-Sud, where I worked on genomic plasticity in Thermococcus archea (supervised by Jacques Oberto) and on sexual selection of the ant Cataglyphis cursor (supervised by Thibaud Monnin). During my MSc in evolutionary ecology at the University Paris-Saclay, I focused on invasive species for two projects at the Roscoff Marine Station (France) : 1) trophic competition of native and invasive sympatric Ascidian species of the genus Ciona (co-supervised by Christophe Lejeusne and Thierry Comtet) and 2) connectivity and population dynamics of the invasive kelp Undaria pinnatifida in natural and anthropic habitats (supervised by Frédérique Viard).

For my Ph.D, I will apply resurrection ecology and genomic approaches to study the rapid evolution of the copepod Leptodiaptomus minutus to lake acidification, as well as local adaptation to climate and population structure of this species across a latitudinal and a local gradient.

Mathilde is a member of the NSERC-CREATE Ecolac program .
Co-supervised by Rowan Barrett (McGill)