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Funding from NSERC Alliance grants

The project, in collaboration with the River Institute, is on the influence of aquatic invaders on nutritional provisioning and contaminants in sport fish.


Louis Astorg and Alison Derry Qualify for the Défi AquaHacking finale

A team made up of 2 members from the Derry lab presented their project to the jury and were awarded the 3rd prize. The eFish team made up of the following GRIL participants: Beatrix Beisner, Louis Astorg and Alison Derry (UQAM), Carina Poulin from (U. Sherbrooke), Charles Charrier Tremblay and Zofia Taranu (UdeM).


Jorge Negrin-Dastis is the recipient of the Fonds Écologique Anne Vallée scholarship

Jorge receives a 1500$ scholarship from the Fonds Écologique Anne Vallée. Only two such scholarships are awarded each year to individuals studying anthopogenic effects on animal ecology in British Columbia or Quebec.

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Cristina Charette receives a scholarship from UQAM’s Department of Biological Sciences

Cristina (second, from left) receives a 1500$ scholarship from the Fonds du Département des Sciences Biologiques


Jorge Negrin-Dastis receives a Hydro-Québec scholarship

Jorge receives a 6000$ scholarship from HydroQuebec.

Natalie Westwood receives a NSERC-FRQNT industrial scholarship

To learn more about the NSERC-FRQNT BMP Innovation scholarship

24H Sciences 2014

Lab members at the 24H de Sciences

Derry lab members Cristina Charette and Marilyne Robidoux (along with Kia Martin from Concordia University) organized an activity entitled “Les secrets d’un étang à Montréal” which took place on May 10th 2014 at Parc Lafontaine. Over 100 participants (big and small!) attended the activity


Cristina Charette receives the Excellence award from the Faculty of Science

Cristina Charette (4th from left) was awarded an excellence scholarship, allocated to graduate students at UQAM in the faculty of Sciences for their outstanding academic standing.


Marilyne Robidoux and teammates receive prize at Savoir-Affaires Lanaudière-Laurentides

Marilyne Robidoux and her teammates were awarded the Meritas Prize for two distinct projects: 1) a mobile service for the recovery and elimination of non-recyclable waste and 2) Manufacturing of eco-friendly electricity poles made of pulpwood.


Paper commented on the EcoevoEcoevo blogspot

Our recently published paper on native and exotic amphipod species co-existence in the Saint-Lawrence river (Derry et al. 2013) has been highlighted on a blog!


Our lab’s research highlighted by l’Agence Science Presse

Quebec lakes are continuously bombarded by stresses from agriculture and mining activities. L’Agence Science Presse discusses our lab’s research pertaining to the effects of anthopogenic stressors on zooplankton communities.

Our lab’s research highlighted on the front page of Le journal de l’Université du Québec à Montréal

Alison details the lab’s current and future eco-evolutionary research projects in the Journal de l’Université du Québec à Montréal. With our recently-awarded 300 000$ grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), we will continue to study the effects of anthropogenic stress on Canadian aquatic ecosystems.

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Marilyne Robidoux awarded the Canadian Pacific scholarship

The UQAM Foundation presented 168 scholarships to students from all UQAM faculties in celebration of their academic excellence and involvment in student life. Marilyne Robidoux was awarded the Canadian Pacific Scholarship (2000$ value), a first at UQAM..


Anthony Merante and Marilyne Robidoux awarded FARE scholarships

Anthony Merante and Marilyne Robidoux each received a 5000$ FARE scholarship, allocated to graduate students at UQAM in the faculty of Sciences and Education, amongst others.