Presentations & Press


2021: Alison Derry @ ASLO

Association for the Study of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) special session on (mal)adaptation: The importance of regional landscape heterogeneity and (mal)adaptation for aquatic conservation.


2021: Alison Derry @ River institute

Nature and Science UnTapped Seminar Series, St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences: Exotic invasion of the Upper St Lawrence River: Moderating factors and emerging questions.


2021: Mathilde Salamon @ CSEE

Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (CSEE): Local adaptation of a native gastropod to biotic and abiotic gradients within a dynamic river ecosystem


2021: Alison derry @ Les années lumières

Assisted migration for conservation of threatened species


2020: Matthew Yates @ AFs

American Fisheries Association (AFS): The relationship between eDNA particle concentration and organism abundance in nature is strengthened by allometric scaling.


2020: Alison derry @ Les années lumières

Vider les lacs de leurs poissons pour faire de la conservation